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Yoga is all around

Why choose Yoga Studio Varese

Yoga Studio Varese was born to spread  Yoga as a method to improve the  relationship with your own  body,  learn to manage  emotions and deepen the knowledge of ourselves: in a nutshell, to feel better! You will soon find that Yoga  it can also be carried off the mat,

because...  Yoga is all around  !

Alessandra, founder and teacher of the  studio, offers practices of various styles and levels  to enable  each to find the most suitable path to approach Yoga or deepen their knowledge.

Check out all of the  courses  and then come to  immerse yourself in the practice!

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Basic Yoga 1

If you think you would like to discover the world of Yoga one small step at a time, this is the course for you! In fact, starting from the basics, we will deepen the alignments and the essential actions of the Greetings to the Sun in their variants.

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Basic Yoga 2

If you have already practiced Yoga and you have a good awareness of your body as it moves in space, and you want to acquire or deepen the study of Greetings to the Sun and  the main standing and sitting positions, this is the course for you.

Yin Yoga

This style  goes to work in depth on the connective tissues, affecting the myofascial meridians along their entire path e  restoring mobility to the joints. Thanks to the prolonged maintenance of  positions, the calming effect on the nervous system is very powerful, and this is reflected in the stillness of the mind.

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Hatha Yoga Flow Multilevel

This course is suitable for  those who have at least one year of practice in the body.
Moving  guided by the breath, they will go  to explore a vast number of locations  gradually but consistently, until the practice becomes a dance in motion.

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In Yoga and in everyday life it is important to have a strong and stable core to maintain a healthy postural attitude.  Pilates Matwork has as its main objective the stabilization and strengthening of the core , and goes to work on  tone  of the deep musculature.

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Pranayama and Meditation 

This course teaches  to breathe with awareness e  allows you to acquire an indispensable tool to manage every situation in everyday life.  Breath control also  is one of the keys to access the  meditation.

Yoga Studio Varese

Yoga Studio Varese

Yoga Studio Varese
Hatha Yoga Flow: pratica full body

Hatha Yoga Flow: pratica full body

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Breve pratica: Saluto al Sole B

Breve pratica: Saluto al Sole B

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Breve pratica: Saluto al Sole C

Breve pratica: Saluto al Sole C

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Breve pratica: Saluto al Sole A

Breve pratica: Saluto al Sole A

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Contact Yoga Studio Varese

Do you have a question about one of the courses or the practice of Yoga? Write an email using the form below  and I will reply as soon as possible to give you all the information you want.

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